moLotus Drives Breakthrough Digital Transformation

The Telcos and Brands are undergoing a period of significant transition. The silos and complexities in their legacy customer & business processes inhibit them from innovating at speed. moLotus has emerged as a strategic technology enabling rapid transformation of processes, driving high margin revenues, and improving efficiency with speed, agility, and cost savings. Marquee brands like CIMB Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Panasonic, Prudential, etc. are the significant beneficiaries of the moLotus empowered transformation.

The direct marketing space has witnessed a breakthrough disruption with moLotus targeting this $350 Billion Direct Marketing opportunity (source: Statista). In addition, the platform is also targeting the emerging $1.3 Trillion Digitalization opportunities together with 5G plus and Transformation (source: Ericsson & Arthur D. Little).

moLotus driven digital transformation is assisting organizations to make the best use of their growing data assets — the Big Data. The platform, with advanced data curating capabilities & analytics, is fuelling transformation.

Following are the key moLotus transformations happening at various Telcos & Brands :

1. Immediate New Customer Onboarding

The traditional new customer onboarding has been a highly unstructured and lengthy process until the inception of moLotus driven mobile onboarding. It comes as an automated, flexible, cost-effective, and scalable solution, enhancing customer engagement with a smooth end-to-end experience. Several brands like Proton, Honda, Toyota, etc. have embarked on moLotus to automate and digitize their entire customer onboarding process.

Proton Test Drive Campaign —

2. Renewals — Policies and Contracts

The traditional contract/policy renewal management process for businesses continues to be entirely manual. As a result, ensuring renewals happen on time has been a labour-intensive and tedious job. moLotus has made the contract renewal processes automated allowing businesses to think more strategically, saving time & costs, and providing a better customer experience overall. For instance, A Brand like AIA has successfully automated and digitized insurance policy renewal processes via moLotus.

AIA Kids Insurance Promo Campaign —

3. Conversion

Businesses such as banking, insurance, etc. have been experiencing conversion rates as low as 30% or below due to the manual filling & document submission processes being extremely painful for consumers, resulting in drop-outs. moLotus has made the document submission process online/digital, thus making it hassle-free; leading to higher conversion at reduced cost & time. Brands like CIMB Bank, Standard Chartered, Prudential, AIA, etc. have embraced it to reap the benefits of better customer engagement with low costs — high revenues.

CIMB Document Submission Campaign —

4. Recurring Service and Product Cycle

Sending reminders for recurring services & product cycles has been a challenge for businesses. moLotus has automated and transformed the recurring services and product cycles like car servicing, air-conditioning, buying coffee, etc. Brands like Proton, Lazada, CIMB Bank, etc. have embraced this transformation resulting in increased revenues and customer engagement.

Proton Service Reminder Campaign —

5. mCards transforms Plastic Loyalty Cards

The introduction of mobile Loyalty cards powered by moLotus has been a sweeping change in the loyalty cards space, replacing the plastic cards. It is immediate to consumers, saves cost, and increases usage with revenue. A Brand like Panasonic Malaysia has completely replaced plastic cards with moLotus mCards pointing towards this significant shift.

CLUB Panasonic Membership Campaign —

With moLotus initiated breakthrough transformation, more and more Brands & Telcos are stepping into the new digital landscape, exceeding customer expectations, and enhancing overall customer experience at low-costs & high-returns. Breaking old patterns, digital transformation is the new harbinger of business growth!




I have been a digital marketing expert and business strategist, and have worked for various organizations.I love to write articles on diverse topics.

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Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor

I have been a digital marketing expert and business strategist, and have worked for various organizations.I love to write articles on diverse topics.

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