Boost your business: Unleash the benefits of marketing automation

Streamlining workflows using marketing automation

Designing a marketing automation strategy for your company? It is crucial for you to have a sound understanding of the key benefits of marketing automation.

We all know that marketing today is the embodiment of multitasking. Automation has inevitably bound the tasks that marketers previously performed manually, together with the management of large volumes of data. In the present context, the scope of marketing automation has gone way beyond simply automating your repetitive tasks. Optimization is the core of marketing automation.

This article walks you through the fundamental ways that marketing automation can be used to unleash its benefits at the micro as well as macro-level. Importantly, marketing automation is inextricably linked to the specialized marketing automation platforms. This article will certainly guide you to wisely choose the appropriate tool suited to individual business needs.

Reducing your headcounts and staffing costs

Using marketing automation tools, you are capable of reducing staffing costs significantly. Your organization need not maintain an army of workers. For instance, a single employee is able to set up automatically triggered marketing email campaigns cost-effectively. You have a choice to use more advanced tools, not restricting yourself to email automation. Using moLotus as a platform you can send highly personalised and interactive messages to millions of customers cutting down headcounts for cold calling, constant customer support and so forth while reducing the staffing costs drastically.

Increasing average revenue per customer

A robust marketing automation system gives you the power to analyze and interpret customer data. With detailed reports and performance graphs, you can identify the purchase behaviour of a lead. It helps in maximising the customer lifetime value through upselling, cross-selling, loyalty campaigns, etc. All these efforts finally contribute towards an increase in average revenue per customer. The customer journey automation tools like, moLotus, Leadfeeder, Act-On and LeadSquared are worth considering while designing the marketing strategy.

Increasing customer loyalty

Customer loyalty has always been a key driving force in marketing, and marketing automation makes it more achievable than ever. Marketing automation simplifies running the customer loyalty campaigns on a grand scale. Instead of hammering your audience with mindless messages, now you can deliver targeted and meaningful interactions across customer segments. It is making one-to-one customer relationships possible! Customer loyalty is the outcome of repeated positive emotional interactions with your brand. Wondering about the apt tool for implementing customer loyalty campaigns? You can safely go with moLotus. Customer Loyalty Cards have been quite effective in creating a loyal customer base. moLotus platform has revolutionized the digital loyalty cards space. Brands are fast replacing all the plastic cards with mcards which gets directly delivered to the receivers’ mobile phones; increasing loyalty and reducing printing cost.

Streamlining Workflows

As an organized and prudent marketer, you might have forever cherished to achieve clarity and see the big picture. Marketing automation tools put all shades of marketing activities together and automate them, assuring streamlined processes and activities with no important detail being missed. Tools like Eloqua, moLotus, Hubspot and Pardot boast of end-to-end integrations, meaning they can make every step of your marketing process and activities more personalized and streamlined that too in a secured environment.

Reducing Redundancies

Bogged down by mundane repetitive tasks? Use marketing automation platforms judiciously and free up your team from the monotony. Allow them to focus on their core work and enable them to churn more creative ideas. Marketing automation platforms like moLotus that integrate with your CRM and automate processes like logging emails, calls and meetings are cost-effective and huge time savers.

Managing your Customer Feedback and Responses

Marketing automation well equips you to listen to your customers by seeking feedback from them and responding to it. Your customers need immediate responses, they want to know whether their concerns are being taken seriously. Yet, it’s impossible to respond to thousands of customer concerns. By automating replies, customers can receive the responses right away.

Simply start using the “Rate-it” capability of moLotus to get an appropriate rating system from your customers about your products or services — an innovative way of receiving customer feedback. Your customer would appreciate your highly personalized response sent via moLotus platform. It not only collects the ratings but also converts the collected data into meaningful reports.

Measuring, Analyzing & Reporting

During your journey as a marketer, you might have realised that measuring the ROI of marketing activities is often an uphill task. Marketing automation tools could prove to be a boon for you. Especially tools like moLotus will not let you down in this case. It will track campaign results, analyze responses of users, measure campaign success and generate crisp and comprehensive reports. It will give you more real-time data, and better insight into what you should focus on.

Final Thoughts

A good marketing automation strategy can distinguish you from your competitors. Marketing automation tools will help you and your team operate seamlessly. However, with the ever-evolving business environment, it can be tricky to determine what works for you and what doesn’t. Focus on the core competencies of your business and success is yours!




I have been a digital marketing expert and business strategist, and have worked for various organizations.I love to write articles on diverse topics.

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Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor

I have been a digital marketing expert and business strategist, and have worked for various organizations.I love to write articles on diverse topics.

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